As a child you’re never told, 

The pain in life.

That team you never make, 

That job you couldn’t take.

That leg you nearly break, 

Or that dream that keeps you awake. 

No one warns you of the pain or strife. 

Or how you’ll grow old, in this bitter life. 


I understand when you want to quit, 

Throw in the towel. 

Give up the dream, 

Quit the team, 

Avoid the break. 

Just one act, 

That’s all it takes. 


We know this world is full of beauty.

Its patients,

Its peace, 

Its grace. 

We even know its full of hate, 

Its wars,

Its lies, 

Its pain. 

We are able to see it all through our own eyes. 

Yet people try and hide it.

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