The loneliest war of all, 

A battle between you and the road,


Rubber to tarmac, 

Heel to toe, 

Rubber to tarmac,

Heel to toe.


You saw the pinterest inspiration, 

The fascination, 

The “butt-spiration” 

But perspiration is now 


Dripping down your chest, 

Crawling down your legs, 

Getting in your eyes, 



Drip by drip, keep going


Because society says so?

Because so-and-so is too small 

And so-and-so is too big

So you’d like to fit somewhere in between?


But you know you won’t be Kim K, 

You might not run a marathon tomorrow

Or even cross that bridge today


And the voice inside your head says “no”

Your feet are crying

“How far to go?!” 

Your lungs don’t say a thing

For they might burst from the pain 

But your heart keeps saying

Again and again; 


This is a race for life, 

A sprint as well as a marathon, 

5k, 10k, 

A duathlon and a tryathlon, 

And when you get to the end 

Sweating and spitting, 

Blood drained from your head


You can stand there, 

Bathing in the sun 

and just enjoy the view. 


And when people ask “why you do it?”

You can say:  

You do it for you. 

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