Why Is Everyone Buying Plants?

Once again, a blog post idea has been inspired by my mother, but this one is down to her pure curiosity: why is everyone buying plants?

This question probably stemmed from both my sister, cousin and I recently buying lots of house plants and sharing our excitement for each others new botanical buddies. Although this new hobby seems sudden, and could almost be classed as a "trend", I assured my mum that it was for many more reasons than just to fit in with the plant-crowd.


As a good TikTok once said: "when you're in your 20s you'll suddenly have the urge to buy plants to remind yourself that you're not dead inside", and that absolutely holds truth. Now I have reached my "mid-20s" I have the sudden desire to have life around me. However, similar to the rest of the 20-year-old's out there I don't own a house, therefore I am not allowed pets (nor would I dream of having a child yet). So what else could fulfil the sense of someone or even something else at home with me? Plants. They may be inanimate objects to some people, but each has their own character and personality with each variety, and of course all of mine have names to make each one more adorable than the next.


Another consequence of being stuck inside all day, is missing the great outdoors. I have always been a huge fan of nature, afternoon country walks and enjoying all of God's creatures great and small, however I have not always been a fan of it in my home. Until lockdown! By constantly staring at the same four walls it's nice to have a little piece of outside, in. With decrative pots and controlled growth I can have all the perks with less bugs. As well as benefitting from its sweet sweet oxygen and other subtle plant advantages such as: boost in mood, increased productivity and of course cleaner air - now who wouldn't want that?!


Finally, the joys of responsibility. As an adult I have grown into the idea that I can be a responsible person if I want and the best way to get better is to practise. One day I would love to have a dog, but lets start small: plant > hamster > cat > dog, and by that point maybe I could consider taking care of a child, but lets just stick to plants for now. Not all plant care is easy, and I will expect that of my now eight (EIGHT!) plants, one of them might die at some point - but I'll do my darndest best to stop that from happening. Learning what each of my potted pals needs are is part of the fun of being a plant parent, and helps you to appreciate the insane plethora of plant species there are - helps appreciate the varieties of fruits to make so many different wines but that's for another blog post.

Overall, plants make you a better person, if you can't have pets they are the next best thing. So go out there and get gardening!

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