Why Art is So Important: For Your Home

Hello! I'm back to blogging again! - after a wonderful wedding, an amazing honeymoon and finally moving into our new home - I have wifi and some inspiration to get back to writing.

This week's blog post is all about why art is so important, especially in your home. Having finally unpacked the last box and put all my candles in their respective spots, I am here to preach about why I love art.

Here are 5 reasons why you should put more holes in your walls:

1. It's good for you.

Humans have this bad habit of staying inside for too long, especially surrounded by screens and distractions - we've all heard it before. But a brilliant way of not only bringing the outside in, but also possibly sparking that fire of inspirations inside you, is paintings. Above is my current favourite painting, commissioned by two of my closest friends, painted by a friend from the town I studied in as a wedding gift. It's of a mountain in Wales, my home away from home, and perfectly captures the rushing wind and spectacular view at the top of Foel Eryr. The painting captures more than the mountain itself for it is the spot that Jack proposed to me and it its titled "Yes" - appropriately. It takes me back to that whirlwind day every time I look at it, I can practically smell the gorse.

2. Inspiration in the most unlikely of places

No matter how many times I look at it, the painting my friend Millie gave my in college will continue to inspire me, day after day. It's fluidity and sexuality has me constantly gazing up at it in my office wondering if I'll ever paint something as balletic. The bright contrasting colours both clash and intertwine as they writhe about the page and I am awe-struck by it every time I look at it - save some talent for the rest of us!

3. Complementary Colours

As much as scatter cushions and fancy throws might work, there is nothing like pulling a room together than finding the perfect painting to complete the place.

A great tip for people who don't own the home they live in is to customise and colour the walls with paintings - in frames - that match the room's aesthetic.

Much easier to remove a nail and fill in/paint over, than living in a white walled box. Not only that, it can really be the final touch to take your one bed first floor flat, into the home you've always wanted.

4. It's good for the art world

Although no, I do not own anything by Picasso or Matisse or Monte, but having paintings that you've, fallen in love with and invested in mean you can be proud of each and every piece. A lot of the art (almost all) in my house is by people I know and follow on social media. I see them progress as an artist and then one day I see something and I know that that's the piece of beauty that they have created that'll come a live in my home.

Investing in young, new and local artists is very important!

Taking one of my newest additions to my home, done by another friend from college, Lauren. Part of a collection of 5, these three little canvas' just melt my heart. Their vibrancy and satisfying gradients mixed with clean-cut shapes is dreamy, and they really jazz up this otherwise empty white windowsill.

Whatever your taste in art, you can find it anywhere in this world. Decorate your home with something that will last longer than a lifetime - and enjoy it every day of yours.

Artists mentioned:

Esther Pritchard: https://www.estherpritchardart.co.uk/

Lauren Hutchins: https://www.instagram.com/lauren.hutchins.art/

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