New Year, Same Promises

Updated: Jan 12

January has snuck up on us again as we enter the third year of Covid-19. As time moves on I think, this year, resolutions will be looking a little different for people. Whilst we might once have wanted to tick more countries off our bucket list, jump out of airplanes or even lose some weight, Covid still looms over everyone, who remain in one place. Many might see this as another year wasted, but I think it calls for an opportunity to look inward at ourselves. The pandemic has made communities a lot kinder, dare I say we've become friendlier with neighbours, people are appreciating face-to-face time with friends more and maybe picking up a new hobby or two. With all this in mind, my resolutions will remain the same, but the attitude towards them is completely new.


Once again I'm looking at my creative outlets and thinking of when I last let my routine slip. Wishing I had stuck to just a blog post a week, a poem a month or even just picking up a paint brush every now and then. But alas, my art Instagram page is looking a little lonely since last summer, and I couldn't tell you where my last attempt at creativity has gone. But here I am again, wanting to be more consistent, committed and maybe have a little more time management. The most important lesson to learn however, is that failure is a part of the process. Remembering that I don't need the excuse of a New Year to "fix myself", every day I have the chance to put my best foot forward and maybe even try writing a blog post every now and then.

Body Positivity:

Like everyone, I want to lose more weight and slim down to be the size and shape media and society expects me to be. Since the wedding I have only continued to put on weight and I hate myself every day for not looking like I did when I was younger (ergo fitter). However, whilst I might attempt the obvious of eating better, exercising more and maybe getting rid of the clothes that don't fit me, I think the biggest thing to change is my mindset. I have had a complicated relationship with my body and the size that it is or isn't, but the "cool" thing in this era is not to fit in with others but to be happy within yourself, and that is something I have never tried. I have no clue how to achieve this resolution and I can guarantee it won't happen over night, but maybe with a little research and patience I could learn to hate my body a little less.


As a society, Brits aren't very good at partying. Although we love a good knees-up at the pub or a glass of bubbly at brunch, we don't seem to be keen on celebrating the little things in life. Our stiff upper lip restricts us to seeing the negative in situations, how it could have been better or pushing down those feelings of joy as to not seem "too into it" - the hipsters really ruined that one. However this year I'm going to try and remember to celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments. If I'm having a difficult week with mental health but I manage to get up and make my bed, I should celebrate. If a friend passes an exam they were nervous for, I should celebrate. If I see a dog come into the shop at work, I always celebrate. Because these are the sort of things that we can take for granted. Whilst I don't mean open a bottle of wine every morning I make the bed, the mental capacity of pride and joy should not be snuffed for its commoness alone.

One Second:

As an extra resolution inspired by my cousin (hi Ciara!) is to record one second every day to create a monthly and eventually year long montage. I am doing this using the app 1SE which is super easy to use and trims your video down to a second for you. Despite how easy this is (and I encourage you to do the same), I am finding the hardest part is choosing the second/moment to represent the entire day! Look out for the January edit on my Instagram.

I know I will be better at keeping some of these resolutions than others, but this year I have been asking my friends for their resolutions in the hopes we will keep each other on track. Throughout life we can continue on as if we have no need to grow or better ourselves since we have no accountability - that is going to change.

Here's to another new year.

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