Method Living: Try Before You Buy

Builders create houses; people create homes. At flyp, we believe that the best way to show people how great a house is, it by showing it as a home. Although an empty, beautifully lit room with bay-windows may show potential, it doesn’t show much heart. A great way to bring the personality back into a property is by it being full of life!

There are three main reasons why we choose to showcase all our homes furnished:

1. First impressions

2. Practicality

3. Reaching the senses

First impressions: knock their socks off when they walk through the door. Before viewing a house, the potential buyer has probably done some research into the house itself. Although the amount of research can vary, from them knowing every room’s exact dimensions, to only knowing what the front garden might look like: they already have an impression of what that house might be - that’s why they’re there! By walking into a fabulously furnished room with expert attention to detail and gorgeous interior decorating, there’s a welcoming, cosy, environment - compared to a big empty space.

Practicality: “Can we fit grandma’s dining table in?” In a logistical sense, by showing a home with furniture in, the viewer can have a solid understanding on what can fit inside that room. Empty rooms can appear smaller than they truly are when there is nothing to help judge its scale. Rather than questioning if a king size bed would fit across that wall, they can see that it does, with ample room for bedside tables. Not only that but it allows the viewer to get a feel for how best the room may be laid out – the best Feng Shui for example. Leaving nothing up to question, they can see for themselves that a chaise longue fits perfectly under the window!

Reaching the senses: getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Most importantly, a full home adds character to the house. Everyone has their own style, taste and desires from their home, but none of those things can be pictured if that house is empty. Photos on the wall and the smell of fresh flowers lets people step into an illusion of what living there might be like. By having a comfy sofa to settle into, they can imagine themselves snuggling into it with a hot cup of tea after a long day – bliss.

At flyp we’re not trying to sell the house, but a future home for someone - seeing a property for what potential it could hold and provide for that person in the next chapter of their lives. You should never sell an empty house because no one lives in an empty home!

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