Lockdown 3.0: Week One

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

So here we are again, New Year; Same Virus. Whilst I don't know anyone who went into 2021 with huge expectations, the calendar change does bring around the optimism of a "new us", a "better us" or just a "healthier us". But alas, we stay the same, and more lockdown yay!

Hope is on the horizon however, with the vaccine being handed out like Oprah, and Boris's goal of top four categories vaccinated by Feb, we can all "see light at the end of the tunnel" - bet you're tired of hearing that.

As for myself, the new year brings a continuation of being jobless, so why not occupy some my time with some good old blogging. Similarly to the first lockdown last year I will do a blog once a week to update you on my exceedingly exciting life. DIYs, cooking, baking, new Netflix series, a new David Attenborough, Animal Crossing and inevitably annoying Jack as he works from home - how thrilling. So without further-ado here's week one:

We moved! If for whatever reason you didn't know that or watch my spectacular vlog of the new flat on Facebook in November, we moved. Further away from the station and down the road into Batford. Our new place is leaps and bounds better that the old thanks to double-glazed windows! There are several other things that make this flat great but the fact I'm not constantly shivering is a huge plus. We now have people living both below and above us too, so we're totally surrounded by warmth and I love it.

Another highlight of the flat is that we are at the end of the block which means extra windows, but more importantly windows looking onto the park. Lovely trees and grass but most of all dogs. Now Jack's taken over my office with this double screen monstrosity, I have set up camp on the kitchen table yet again. Whilst this isn't ideal in regards to snack consumption, I do get to stare aimlessly out the window and be surprised by an occasional dog catching a frisbee or taking a dump... sublime.

To unintentionally mirror last years lockdown diary, Jack and I did a little rearranging of the living-room at the start of the year. Nothing has really changed around since we moved in back in October however this week we experimented with having the TV directly opposite the sofa. I have always been one to hate the idea of having all the furniture pointing at the TV, creating an antisocial environment, however who am I kidding, with lockdown three the TV might as well sit centre stage - it is the real star of this pandemic.

Thanks to a lot of Buzzfeed quizzes, I have discovered my aesthetic to be "Dark Academic" (whatever that means), and have subsequently tried to create some more coherence within the flat. The armchair now sits in a cozy corner surrounded by the plants with a spot for a cup of coffee and the basket containing my knitting and Jack's cross-stich (of course). With a grey and mustard blanket over you, one can sit and knit whilst watching the world go by quite at ease, knowing that if the knittings bad at least you look cute doing it.

Yes, we've settled into the new flat quite nicely and with the new lockdown I continue to look around the room wondering how I can improve our little home. Unlike the last flat, however, I'm a little stumped, since it all just looks bloody lovely. What a nice problem to have.

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