Lockdown Diary - Weekend Two

Into the second weekend in lockdown. I believe most people, presumably, would find the weekends the hardest to fill time with, with the government guidelines restricting you to leave your house just once a day. However, Jack and I were proudly quite busy Saturday, after the mandatory 11am lay-in.

The church that Jack and I are part of have joined forces with a local group to help people in this time. Services include medicine delivery, food delivery and any other help vulnerable people may need. Jack therefore put our car to good use and ran some errands for people - whilst I lay in bed.

We then had several appointments with different people in various online ways. Jack began by playing Age of Empires with his brother whilst I remotely recorded a podcast for A Coffee And A Cry (follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acoffeeandacry/) with my friend Asher. Although we’ve never recorded remotely before, the technology worked brilliantly - however I haven’t checked the recording as of yet. After the first 10 minutes of us getting used to talking at each other through a computer, we were back into the podcast swing of things. Stay tuned for when that comes out!

Saturday afternoon was scheduled to have a virtual “afternoon tea” with my family in honour of the virtual Grand National. We had a sweepstake and enjoyed cups of tea and cake in our own homes. To be honest I was a little under-dressed for such an occasion with sweats on, but alas I left my fascinator at my parents’ house!

I can confirm that Jack and I won nothing in the sweepstake and both of my virtual horses didn’t finish. With us streaming ITV via the internet we were also lagging behind the rest of the group so our gasps and applause was a bit delayed. Nevertheless, a fun afternoon.

After church Sunday service on Facebook live, I then attempted to cut Jack’s hair. My approach was confident, since his hair always seemed pretty straight forward in my eyes. However I quickly realised, clippers and scissors in hand, that I indeed had no idea what I was doing. Jack assured me it would grow back and he wouldn’t care, but he failed to remember that I was the one had to look at him, dodgy haircut and all. I think I’d give myself a 6/10 for hairdressing.

We then met up (2 meters apart) with Tilly and Tom and proceeded to go on a country walk, with what seemed like the rest of Harpenden. We decided to walk the old Railroad The Nickey Line to Redbourn. By the time we arrived at the only shop open in Redboard for much needed replenishment, we realised the walk home in the blazing sun was a long one. Maybe next time we won’t walk half The Nickey Line next time.

Sunday’s evening consisted of mostly napping, The Office and Chinese take away - because Sunday.

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