Lockdown Diary - Week 9

Week nine marks my last week at work before I become officially unemployed and get to enjoy lockdown like many other people - with nothing to do. Therefore! I have challenged myself to use this time wisely - as well as finding a job.

There's lots of mixed messages around this period, especially for people who can't work or are being forced not to. Many people are seeing it as an opportunity to take up new hobbies, finish that project you've "never had time for" or even pursue some sort of desire you've always wanted to try. The other side to this coin is for people to take the time to look after themselves a bit better than normal, get some much needed rest and generally use this time as a cleansing period before the big wide world opens it's doors again.

I would like to put myself somewhere in the middle. Whilst I have been working for all of lockdown so far, I have felt like not much has changed accept my commute - or lack of. With family quizzes, a few creative projects and usually scheduled church groups and meetings, our weeks have been fairly busy. However, now my days are opened up, I can focus in on what I love to do with my time and how I'm going to chose to fill it.

1. Self Care

As someone who is now approaching the age of "beginning to use anti-age products" (supposedly 25), during lockdown I have began a new skin care routine and have more of a desire to stick to it. With the lack of vitamin D and general outdoors I think my skin could do with some care and attention. This also helps me keep to some-what of a schedule everyday which has just been blown out the window. (Skin Care routine blog post coming soon!)

2. Creative Projects

As I mentioned above, I have always had creative projects on the go, be it this blog, the podcast, editing for church and some fun video creation for friends and family, it's always good to have a creative outlet. The best way to keep my personal art projects in-check, is to have others that are commissioned (sort of) from others, and to have a professional opinion of them - schedule time to complete them, with a planned timetable and review and improve as you would with normal work. Hopefully these will fill my day more than I anticipate and will make it feel like working again.

3. Looking for a job

Yes parents, I am also looking for a job during this period.

4. Improving My Home

PLANTS! - Bring the outdoors inside, they provide responsibility and oxygen to your life - win win. Also, decluttering. Jack has recently gone through our random stuff/second bedroom, and collated a pile of things that we should get rid of. However, rather than giving it away (as we probably would if the charity shops were open), we're selling a load of stuff on Shpock. Based on location, we can sell our stuff to local people and they can come and collect it quickly and easily. Much simpler than eBay and helps us to declutter our house.

5. Exercise

This is the toughest one of all since I am a gym-lover. I get my best exercise done on a treadmill, in a air-conditioned gym, with an episode of Friends on (or an audio book). However that hasn't been possible for some time now and so I am planning on introducing more exercise into my daily routine. Although there are several good youtube videos to follow (Joe Wicks for example), I think it's much less likely you'll find an instructor online who has a routine that really suits your workout needs. I've never been one to follow classes so my intention is to start slow and do what I love: Yoga, simple and quick ab exercises and the occasional bike ride. The challenge is just starting.

I hope that by introducing or continuing these 5 things in my day-to-day life I should feel like normal, to get myself through to the end of lockdown. I would like to think I can keep several of these things up as well, but we'll see how my progress goes.

I feel change is on the horizon.

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