Lockdown Diary - Week 8

2 months down! And who knows how many more to go. This week marks the end of month two in lockdown, and mine and Jack's 6 month wedding anniversary - exciting times.

Monday to Thursday proceeded to be a fairly standard, albeit, busy week at work for both myself and Jack. As businesses and schools are slowly opening, I would imagine Jack's company will be back in their offices relatively soon - whatever "relatively" means.

I however marked this as my penultimate week at work before my contract finally ends. Considering I started work there almost exactly one year ago for a "one month internship" I'm pleased to say I both learnt a lot, met lots of nice people, saw an office move, a Summer party and a Christmas one - so not a bad year.

What the future of work has for me, I do not yet know, but if you know anyone looking for a copywriter/social media person - let me know!

Now with that business out of the way...

Bank holiday weekend! Woo! As I said before, Friday marks mine and Jack's 6 month anniversary and so we did what any normal adult would at this phase of lockdown - wait an hour in a drive-through to order £20 of McDonald's! And it was magical.

We naively thought the queue at Luton Retail Park wouldn't be too long as 3 other McDonald's have re-opened in the area, but alas, we snaked our way around the carpark like we were waiting for Space Mountain in Disneyland.

Saturday however, we did something totally radical to satisfy Jack's desperate need to go for a bike ride. We therefore drove to Upminster to pick both bikes up from my parent's house. But before zipping back around the M25, we went on a socially-distanced walk with my mum and dad. They, like so many others at the moment, have re-discovered their local footpaths and the joys of local country walks.

We joined them on a sunny, albeit very blustery, walk around the back of Upminster along the River Ingrebourne. A very pleasant walk with much more wildlife than anticipated, and we ended our trail by walking down an alley-way I was never allowed to as a child. In my 22-years I never knew where the alleyway running alongside the railway took you, and now I do - congrats me.

With bank holiday Monday on the horizon, we spend most of Sunday evening playing games with the Garnish family on Game Board Arena (would highly recommend). And thus ended week 8.

What adventures will unearth themselves in week 9?!

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