Lockdown Diary - Week 7

Ah week seven, and finally some progress in the government’s advice during lockdown - queue the “Stay Alert” memes.

However with the new advice allowing us to spend as much time outside as possible, Jack and I thought we’d take advantage of that. Sunday afternoon we re-lived our teenage years and invited our friends Tilly and Tom, to the local park for a kick-about. As someone who always loved football in their youth, it was delightful to be able to kick a slightly flat football around in a triangle.

We then proceeded to do a socially-distanced walk around the back field of Harpenden’s park and join our favourite footpath - the Nickey Line home.

This week of work can be easily simplified in just that: work. With myself editing during evenings and endless amounts of Zoom calls the rest of the time, our midweek calendar remains fairly busy. So much so it led to some incredibly late nights.

Jack is honest to admit he has an “addictive personality” which ultimately means when he gets into a hobby or video-game - he really gets into it. His latest obsession being cross-stitch. Ironically enough that I bought him, and would later regret. Needle in hand, Jack continued to correct a classic cross-stitch error Saturday night until 3am. As the doting wife I am, I chose to stay up with him and watch my latest binging series (again) - the IT Crowd.

3am in our little courtyard of flats meant we could hear the night-wildlife awake for the first time. The most exciting of which was an owl:

With summer well on its way, having our windows fully open has been the most enjoyable part of lockdown. Sitting on the edge of a fair few trees, we can hear a whole host of birds regularly and little of much else. Occasionally we’ll hear the purr of a Thameslink train reminding us that maybe society will pick up again soon.

Dare to dream...

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