Lockdown Diary - Week 6

Updated: May 11, 2020

Alas we have arrived at week six of lockdown, and I am writing this on the Sunday Boris Johnson updated the country on the next stage of the government’s grand scheme to get us through this mess.

Although many see the end of the tunnel gradually getting nearer, I fear some people will let their need for normal society get the better of them and relax their own social distancing rules. Which will inevitably land us back in phase one lockdown once again.

However, if I thought it before, it’s even clearer now: we are very much in the swing of lockdown.

If we aren’t on a Microsoft Teams call with work, or doing a family quiz over Zoom, we are most likely cross-stitching, knitting or even baking (now that we have flour again!) and talking to everyone we know about how they are also coping with lockdown. It would appear we are all doing the same things. For the first time ever in history, the “Fear Of Missing Out” or “FOMO” is non-existent, and dare I say it’s quite pleasant.

Although our wifi is severely under pressure, and I fear may not get us through to the end of the month, we have been talking to family and friends more than we would in the real world. To keep ourselves away from screens on the weekends, Jack and I have been doing our best at learning new skills (knitting), reviving old ones (cross-stitch) and enjoying each other’s company out in the luscious Hertfordshire countryside.

This past May bank holiday was for the first time ever, on a Friday for the 75th VE day. Our little courtyard of flats and houses, like many others, dressed the outside of our windows with union jacks and festive bunting. This has led to the latest addition to our home; a giant Welsh flag to sit behind us in Zoom calls. If we were to wear our daffodil hats, it might even feel like we’re at the rugby.

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