Lockdown Diary - Week 5

We have made our way into May, finally. April showers are behind us and the desperate need for rebirth in spring is upon us. The desire for a new change, a new environment and a fresh outlook is strong, maybe May will be the month of progress for the United Kingdom's lockdown.

As a beautiful new beginning, or the natural impulse to “spring clean”, I started this month with a new DIY project - sort of. I can only take credit for the final step of this DIY as my father lent his own handiwork to the first steps.

As part of my move home, out of my gorgeous one bed, top-floor Farnham flat, I brought back with me two square kitchen blocks. In mine and Jack’s new flat they have provided the majority of the storage for our pots, pans and surprisingly microwave! On wheels, IKEA crafted and battered topped, the kitchen blocks have fulfilled much more of their purpose than I had ever expected.

However, as part of a fake marble-style kitchen, the dark and scratched wood didn’t feel quite at home. My father very kindly suggested a new top to them, to hold them together as one, thus minimising the wheeled movement and a clean finish.

The wooden top fit perfectly, and to help it blend in with our kitchen I painted the pine with some white emulsion paint found in our boiler cupboard. My evening was spent attempting to lightly brush the paint over thinly, to give a more worn and rustic look, rather the bright-white the tin suggested.

Although the smell of paint was strong (despite all the flat’s windows being open), it was fairly welcomed. Unlike the spray-on coat to protect the wood which, although Jack did outside, still found its way around the flat, causing us both headaches for the rest of the night. Regardless - the new counter top was complete.

Although it may appear a small change, from dark wood to much bigger and brighter light wood, the new top is our favourite addition to the kitchen. A new, huge space to cut and serve on and almost big enough to be its own breakfast bar or naked kitchen island, it provides a multitude of possibilities and a rather nice set-up for a cooking video.

The domestic goddess inside me is content.

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