Lockdown Diary - Week 4

An exciting quest was in-store for Jack and I this week! With the two of us working from home, our dining/kitchen table is now our WFH setup space, complete with 4 wooden dining chairs. Although fine for any meal, to sit at for 7.5 hours of the day, my back is deteriorating much faster than a 24-year-old’s should thanks to the unergonomic Ercol chairs.

However! My mum had just had a new office chair delivered to her own WFH space, therefore a new(ish), 5 wheel, adjustable spinny chair was just a drive away!

Jack and I search our flat for anything we may be needing to drop at my parents house before we clambered in the car Wednesday evening to plough round the M25 - at rush hour. But in the beauty of lockdown the drive took around 40 minutes.

From a legally acceptable social distance we were able to pick up the office chair, two plant pots, my entire nail polish collection (home to a basket surprisingly suitable for easter egg hunting) and a new kitchen countertop. What a haul! - I felt like I had just been on a tour of IKEA, the buzz of other life, outside our flat (and now 4 plant babies) was exhilarating.

An added bonus to this already outstanding two-hour trip, was that I got to see my cat, up close and personal. As a senior cat our fears of not seeing him after lockdown were understandable, but this old cat isn’t going down that easily.

Although brief, the journey we deemed legally acceptable - since it was for office furniture - was very much worth it, and provided Jack and I with the brief sensation of normality, whilst driving on a (fairly) empty motorway. With a sunny breeze rolling through the car windows and the sweet sound of heart radio, we could almost feel the summer, and freedom.

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