Lockdown Diary - Week 3

Updated: May 11, 2020

To help myself not feel quite so guilty about missing my days blogging, I’m doing a short and sweet week-by-week blog. One day in years to come, an older and hopefully less locked-down self can stumble upon it and laugh about what a terrible year 2020 was.

So into week three!

Easter bank holiday had just ended and like the true adults that we are, Jack and I decided to do a full Easter Egg hunt around our flat. With one of us hid in the bedroom the other dispersed the 10 mini chocolate eggs around the flat - I’m sure you understand the premise of an egg hunt.

As a child I can only associate Easter with egg hunts, since the whole Jesus dying on a cross for all of humanity didn’t come until later in my life. Therefore I still enjoy them to this day. However, as independent adults in lockdown we were not as prepared as my parents and therefore did not have an adorable tiny basket for us to place our newly found eggs into, so Jack and I used a beanie hat - innovate.

We spent Easter Monday going on one of our local footpaths, walking from Batford, Harpenden to Redbourn. By our calculations, it was about 8 miles, there and back. With the early spring sun burning up the backs of our necks, we very much appreciated the stop of ice-cream at Redbourn’s Off Licence - possibly the only shop open that day.

Another memorable occasion that marked this week was the arrival of my plants.

As someone who isn’t allowed a pet yet, be it cat, dog, hamster or fish, I sought the affections from the only life form my landlord will prohibit - plants. Inspired by the great Jenna Marbles and her plant obsession, one emotional evening I ordered 4 new best friends and this week they arrived.

Since Jack and I were in the thick of The Office (US) season 8, obviously each of the plants were named after characters from the show that best suit their personalities.

And I made a TikTok in the excitement:

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