Lockdown Diary - Week 14

My mother's suggestion of blogging during lockdown was a great one. A way to remember what this strange period in my life was like and what we did to help others, and ourselves get through it. However over the past weeks the lockdown has slowly been eased in the UK and the world is gradually getting back to normality. So I think I'll be marking this week as the last of my lockdown diaries. I will still write a day-in-my-life style blog from time to time, but maybe I'll save those for when I do something exciting. Regardless, I think we'll call it an end there for the lockdown diaries, and I'll celebrate with my sister-in-law returning from Italy, a holiday in Dorset and a bottle of bubbly.

Looking back:

After the 14-or-so weeks of lockdown, I think the world will be a bit different after the pandemic. Although the lockdown is easing, Covid-19 is not and people should stay aware, sensible and safe, but we can't help ourselves by looking forward at what life on the other side might be like.

Optimistically, I would hope that the biggest lesson we've learnt is how important community and neighbours are. Jack has been helping with Harpenden Cares to coordinate delivering medication to vulnerable people and with 160 cases done, thanks to him and hundreds of other volunteers its all from the goodness of peoples' hearts and them willing to donate their time and efforts. Harpenden Cares also does a huge number of other missions like shopping and delivering food, gardening and any other help you might need. All together, Harpenden Cares is just one example, in one town, of how people coming together to help those less able has been a huge success. WhatsApp groups have popped up in numerous neighbourhoods and among streets to lend a hand if needed and the questions beckons - why haven't we been doing this before? As Brits were not very good at getting to know our neighbours but through Covid-19 we've been forced to and what a blessing that is.

A couple weeks into lockdown there was a fire on the other side to our apartment complex and thanks to everyone being able to stay connected, not only did four men save the man's life who's house was on fire, we were able to check their progress in hospital after and send our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Covid-19 will change the way we look at the world because it affected the entire world. Everyone's lives changed in big or small ways, for a long or short period, but everyone lends a hand because it is all our problem now, and it's down to all of us to lend a hand.

Looking froward:

Unfortunately, its down to the few, big corporate companies if they want to change their strategy when it comes to what we've learnt from Covid-19. If they want to continue the environmental change that has happened due to the lack of planes and commuters, they can, or if they want to allow people to work from home more and prioritise time with family whilst still getting the same job done, they can. However, we don't know when we'll see Dolphins in the Venice canals again, or a completely flightless sky or even another crash in CO2 emissions, but we can all see that change is possible.

So maybe ride your bike to work.

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