Lockdown Diary - Week 12

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This past week has remained rather uneventful in regards to daily activity. Other than experiencing slight cabin fever and mine and Jack's outdoor-time being based entirely on the weather has been hard, however a heat wave is quickly making its way here.

We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday (same as everyone else) and drove to Upminster once again to visit my parents. As they are in the fortunate situation of having a garden we ate our bbq lunch outside in the warm sunshine. Like many other people whilst being stuck at home, my parents have been doing a lot of gardening, so spending time outside has never been lovelier, with the garden in bloom for the occasion. Jack and I grow increasingly more jealous of their secluded outdoor space, but regardless it was a delightful way to spend a Sunday.

To follow Jack's recent obsession with Shpock (the location-based eBay), we thought we'd take a look in my old bedroom to see if there was anything else we could sell. Although the idea was originally for me to finally pick up the rest of my wardrobe (primarily all my summer clothes), we then fell into a tangent of going through suitcases and cupboards and reminiscing about my old belongings. After rummaging through old boardgames and picking Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Rummikub to bring home with us, we thought we'd tackle the suitcases.

As many young adults do, I had an urge to fill my room with vintage(ish) stuff, including a stack of four brown suitcases, increasing in size, sitting atop my dad's old trunk. Although the premiss if for these is to simply look cool, they also act as a large amount of storage. Some items Jack and I resurfaced included; my cassette player and various cassettes, a tea set bought from the town Rye, a French first aid kit from a rather eventful holiday and lots of Holland and Barrett pills designed to "help your hair grow" when I was in college and desperately wanted long hair. Three suitcases in and a mounted of Cod Liver Oil pills later, we thought we'd better stop there and save the adventure of the trunk for another day.

Sunday's evening was spent in my aunt's newly restored garden, complete with a summer house that looks straight out of Centre Parcs. Although we had just intended to "stop by" we ended up, as we suspected, talking with my aunt, her boyfriend and my cousins long into the evening, until the sun finally started setting. Chatting and drinking surrounded by flora in the sunsetting glow, life almost felt normal again and left me excited for a new dawn.

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