Lockdown Diary - Week 11

We are somewhere I don't think any one expected to be - week eleven in lockdown. However, the sun has returned (partially) and we have regular thunderstorms thanks to the humidity. As someone who only started being afraid of thunderstorms as a fully-grown adult, I now hate the fact I have been home alone during one, driven during one and out in the middle of a field whilst the sky has opened up to rain on my parade. I don't like thunderstorms.

Alas, this blog post has started on a slight tangent, but this week was a very special week. My new baby niece was born. Jack's brother and wife became parents for the first time, and although amidst all the Covid-chaos, beautiful baby Grace was born, happy and healthy. I have to add at this point that she was 8lbs on the dot when she was born (because people care about a baby's weight for some reason) but more importantly, I guessed her gender and weight bang on in the family's baby predictions - I'm very proud. Anyway, another lovely baby girl has been brought into Garnish family and I can't wait for the lockdown to leave so I can meet her, maybe from a 2m distance.

In other news, I rode my bike for the first time since University this weekend. Whilst Jack has been going on regular bike rides with our friend Tom, I have yet to ride my Pendleton myself since "commuting" to third year of Uni. However, this weekend's date idea was a bike ride. After a glorious picnic in the park with friends, Jack and I took to the road and peddled our way down the Nickey Line. We cycled a route we knew well on foot, but via bike although much faster, was also much bumpier. My poor Pendleton sounds like with every bump in the road she'll fall spectacularly to pieces and I'll be left floating on just a seat, like in a Wylie Coyote and Road Runner cartoon. Through the relentless sunshine we completed our loop finishing via the park and rode back home. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful ride around town, my quadriceps didn't, like Joe Wicks, this might be a bit of a one-off.

Week eleven seems to be like this post, short and sweet, so I shall return to my Animal Crossing island.

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