Lockdown Diary - Week 10

Double digits! Woo! And according to Boris we'll be seeing the return of retail sooner than expected, single people are allowed to be with one other household and we are seeing hope on the horizon for the second half of the 2020 year.

Many of what I see on social media moves drastically between incredibly positive and horrendously negative. Both have a place online and a huge meme trend is for us to write-off 2020 and call it a year here in June. However, with the Back Lives Matter movement peaking as a result of George Flyod's death, I think many people are starting to agree that we cannot simply "write-off" the year that might change the world forever. We can all agree that the pandemic will change the economy (optimistically) for good, through our environmental impact and how people can work from home, commute, etc. But we cannot hide from the incredibly glazed over human rights campaign for Black Lives Matter and how racism is not just America's problem but a global one at that.

It has taken myself, and I'm sure many others, a while for me to realise that if I stay quiet in these times then I am part of the problem. So, although this platform may be small if you want to find out more, please find it here: https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-matters-2020/ and if you cannot support financially, you can verbally. This is a conversation we all need to have.

This week, I finally crack under the pressure and bought myself a Nintendo Switch Lite. Yes, the Animal Crossing memes got to me and I finally bought myself one. Although this is by no means a necessity, I felt that to help get myself through the rest of lockdown jobless, maybe I'd take a page out of Tom and Donna's book in Parks and Recreation and "treat yo' self". And after a week playing I can confirm I have no regrets.

In a troubled and frankly, scary world, sometime escapism is hard to find. But unshamlessly, I can find a little bit of peace on my Animal Crossing island. Although I am only a beginner, and have never played anything like this before, the satisfaction of plant growing and turnip farming (especially as someone without a garden) is incredibly rewarding. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who might struggle to find some "me time" and it can feel almost selfish to take time out for myself - how dare she! But this is a great way to chill out, grow some flowers and rearrange my virtual bedroom for the thousandth time.

Over the past week or so, just as the lockdown rules are beginning to change and even lift, so has the wether, in that, now we all want to go outside again, the sun has completely vanished and the British rain has returned in full form. The shrubbery might love it, but it seems a picnic in the park with my six allotted friends will have to wait.

However, the weather didn't stop my parents coming up for a visit and a walk around the lovely Hertfordshire countryside. Speckled with rain showers, we did a walk Jack and I have enjoyed many times before. It incorporates the local park and the masses of people walking their dogs, farming lands, woodlands next to golf courses and finishes with a residential stretch where we can all judge people's house exterior choices. A common game when walking through the richest part of your local town is choosing which of the million pound houses you would live in, complete with cars parked on the front drive - highly recommended.

For now, I return to the little flat I call home - besides, who wants a Tesla anyway.

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