Lockdown Diary - Day Three

Today the cold finally got to me.

Although I would class today as being what feels like my most productive yet, the cold gradually closed in. With every hour that goes by, another layer is added to protect my ever weakening body. By 5pm, we’d upped the temperature of my blanket cocoon with a hot water bottle, that I hope can see me through to the end of the day.

As we continue to work and play from home, our electricity bill has drastically increased. Whilst we do our best to preserve power with just the reassurance of my lack of train fares balancing out the costs, but at what price must we pay to live in such chilling conditions.

Whilst work remains the same, I can feel my mental wellbeing deteriorating. In breaks I was Googling DIY projects and easy leftover recipes to try and keep myself productive. When deep down I know, by this time next week no amount of homemade candles or red velvet cupcakes will free me from the birdcage that is Lockdown.

However, there is hope for me after all! Today is going to be the first time Jack and I utilise our “one form of exercise per day” and we shall venture into the real world to take part in what people once called “an evening stroll”. I shall see what this world has truly become.

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