Lockdown Diary - Day Ten

We’re finally into the double figures of UK lockdown. Although the day appeared as a normal working day (whatever normal is now), our evening activities proved entertaining.

It was my grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary and so my entire family tried to do a group FaceTime, with my grandparents. After a great deal of everyone getting used to the insanity of group FaceTime, we then had a nice catch-up and all expressed how we were all coping with lockdown. Some better than others (I’m looking at you Sarah). However, my grandparents did eventually work out how to get the group FaceTime up on their iPad, we all enjoyed toasting to their anniversary. Until the worst happened and they moved off the FaceTime app and couldn’t get back. This then resulted in a whole family tech-support session which resulted unsuccessful. But we did get to see their faces briefly! Even if it was just the tops of their heads in the bottom right corner of their screen.

I dived into my evening activity of baking Tasty’s “best chocolate chip cookie” recipe, which turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Whilst Jack talked with his family on Zoom - the latest in group conversations. Playing “Fish and Fruit”, which is similar to the game show “Pointless”, for about 2 hours!

Our night concluded with Jack and I moving our mattress into our living room for the night. The flat we live in is very hard to heat, however normally before bed we put the radiators on in the bedroom to warm it up diving under the covers - but alas, tonight we forgot. So, naturally, rather than sleeping in a glorified freezer, we moved the mattress into the middle of the living room, which was much warmer. Grabbing our second (single) duvet, we then slept under the soft microwave lights. How peaceful.

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