Lockdown Diary - Day Seven

Into week two of the UK lockdown and feeling like we may have got into the swing of things. After a refreshing weekend, full of the great outdoors we settled back into our humble abode replenished and ready for another week looking at the same four walls.

A busy Monday helped speed the day along however when evening struck, and now with an extra hour of daylight, the question of how to spend our evening surfaced. With the both of us working in front of computers for seven and a half hours a day we thought it best to do a slightly less screen-based activity, but what?

I recently placed an order for a jigsaw puzzle (along with the rest of the world), a cross stitch kit and a piano book to fulfil our spare-time needs. But with everyone else in Britain shopping for the same things, our grown-up crafts will have to wait at least a fortnight.

In the desperation of finding something, anything, to do, Jack stumbled upon a jigsaw puzzle we had never done, that was given to Jack two Christmas’ ago - Huzza! The night was saved! As we sat at our coffee table and completed the 800 piece 80’s Candy bar themed puzzle in just two hours.

(the three-dimensional element was our touch)

We then proceeded to watch The Office again until midnight - can’t break tradition!

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