Lockdown Diary - Day Nine

The self isolation is slowly starting to get to me. Although I’ve been doing my best to fill my new spare time with a variety of different activities. Some I would normally do, some like this blog that I’ve picked up again and some crafty things I wouldn’t normally have time for.

Diversity is nice, to keep the brain engaged in a different activity from working.


I would normally fulfil the stereotype that I would cook all of mine and Jack’s meals and he can clean up after my tornado has left the kitchen. However, no longer having the commute home means I have more time to cook nicer, maybe even more exciting meals.

Although Jack admires my ability to cook, I would praise it as highly as he does. I have a basic understanding of flavours and he’s just about got to grips with cooking fajitas. But I would, on the other hand, admit very un-modestly that I’m pretty good at baking. Although sometimes when I’m feeling weak Betty Crocker is very appealing, but on the whole I think a handful of baking courses and a few years of trial and error, I’m not too bad when it comes to the sweet stuff.


A hobby that I convince myself I never have the time for is painting. During my Art & Design college course for only one term I was required to paint once a week and I despised it. I think primarily for the fact my teacher had a completely different style to me (who likes realism anyway). I have since always believed he marked me down because I specifically went against his artistic suggestion and painted what I wanted, in my own style.

However, painting for myself, whatever that might be, can be rather therapeutic. A few months ago, before we knew what coronavirus was, I did a painting day with my best friend/sister-in-law and tested a few internet trend painting techniques. Although basic, they re-inspired me that abstract painting can be great fun with no plan or for an end goal and just the ability to enjoy the journey.

Plus if I don’t finish the painting in one night, it can provide entertainment for another entire evening!

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