Lockdown Diary - Day Fourteen

Another day, another week, another month - who knows what this time capsule is and when it will end. This limbo has become more cyclical as we approach the possibility of absolute fluidity of time passing without our knowing.

In summary, I’m a bit bored.

Monday blues is still a thing even when working from home, surprisingly. Despite the fact I could work in bed and no one will know, or if I stay in my pyjamas, or if in fact I haven’t worn anything but sweats since Day one - the thrill of WFH laziness begins to fade.

This evening I fulfilled a nagging I’ve had for some time. Although a small insignificant thing, the less time I put aside for it, the more it nagged. The decorative tray on my coffee table doesn’t match the wood furnishings - how’s that for a middle-class problem. I decided to take matters into my own hands when choosing to fix the coffee table feng shui.

I mended, taped, painted and sanded the Poundland white coffee table tray and buffed it into a rustic shabby-chic that Pinterest would be proud of. The decorative books, vase, candle and plant pot now sit snug inside with their colours looking more vibrant than ever. I am immensely proud of my handy-work and can not stop exclaiming it to Jack.

<<< Before

After >>>

It is at this point I realise for the first time what “putting things into perspective” really means. Within this Covid lockdown, the perks of a day have been shifted, and my sense of achievement, DIY skills and nagging fulfilment was the best part of my Monday.

What a delight to take joy in the most mundane of situations.

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