Lockdown Diary - Day Four

Our venture outside last night was postponed until this afternoon as our duty to applaud the hard workers for the NHS was at hand for 8pm. Our collective block of flats took part with drums and torches to salute the key workers on our front line during this pandemic, and although the action itself felt foolish, the response and uniting of our nations (if not the world), felt reassuring, in such a crisis.

A Friday day’s work seemed almost normal by this point and therefore both Jack and I continued to plough through a surprisingly large amount of work. Until the time had finally come to go outside, and venture to Tesco.

We drove down to the other end of town to a small Tesco Extra we had never been to before and, based on other research, the smaller, less accessible shops tend to have the most produce.

After waiting outside for roughly 20 minutes we were 2 of the 5 people allowed in store. Luck would also have it that we bought everything we could possibly need! Lettuce, leeks, bread and even fresh chicken - something we haven’t seen in weeks.

Leaving Tesco with an abnormally large amount of shopping, bought in what felt like a guiltily long amount of time, we left to return to the comfort of our home.

Quite enough excitement for one day.

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