Lockdown Diary - Day Eleven

Another Friday Night just between Jack and I. With no plans for any FaceTimes, Zoom calls or House Parties, we wondered what to do with our time.

This evening I cooked one of mine and Jack’s favourite meals, Thai fried rice. Although originally inspired by (another) Buzzfeed video, having actually been to Thailand I could probably get away with saying it was inspired by their amazing street food. However, along with the traditional spring onions, soy sauce and chilli flakes, we put our own spin on it by adding bacon - because why the hell not!

As Jack continues to progress on his latest video game (Age of Empires) I am left to my own devices, which often involves cleaning or cooking but tonight it was piano practice!

When Jack and I first moved we were lucky that almost all of the furniture we were filling our flat with was donated or handed down from family (thank you!). Along with a coffee table, armchair and kitchen table, my parents so kindly presented us with the idea of taking my sister’s old keyboard. Jack, having absolutely no musical ability, happily accepted and now we had it in our second bedroom.

Only recently did I rediscover the enjoyment of playing the piano via the book I was reading at the time, Ways to Live Forever by Matt Haig. The main character in the story is a terrific musician and talks about the emotion involved with playing such a grand instrument. Although I am far from being any good, the fact that I have merely taken up playing again (since I was about 13) is an achievement in itself. Recent Amazon purchases now include Billie Eilish sheet music and “Movie Musicals” with songs from the likes of The Greatest Showman, La La Land and so on. Maybe I will tap into some muscle memory and speed my progress along, but so far, no such luck.

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