Lockdown Diary - Day Eight

I feel as if this is one of those Tuesdays that, unlike Eddie Murphy in the 2007 Comedy Rom-com Norbit, is not very exciting.

To summarise, Jack and I watched more of The Office, because now that we’re on season seven, I want to plough through to build emotional connection between Jack and Michael Scott, before it is totally destroyed and when the last series ends Jack will be just as lost as I will be.

But other than The Office, I had some brief moments of reflection of the purpose of this blog and thought I might share them with you:

Write for pleasure everyday

As a young writer, you can never write too little. Over the last few months whilst holding down a big-boy job in London, I felt I haven’t been writing creatively, for myself, enough. I am lucky that my job occasionally involves me writing creatively however that is very different to writing for yourself.

Small passages with a distinctive voice and style

Another good challenge within this daily blog is to develop and evolve my own writing voice. I am technically dyslexic and I think that is why my writing “voice” reads posher than my talking voice in real life. I would hate the idea that after taking the time to actually write something down that it could sound common. I also think my father is to blame a lot for the essence of an upper-class Brit leering over me as I write, that he might tut at the use of the word “got” - he keeps me in check.

Focusing on the small things and seeing beauty in them

At University one of the tasks was to write a prose piece, probably around 1000 words long, and I chose to write about God creating the world. The Bible seems to skim over this with a repetitive paragraph for each of the seven days and I wanted to expand and get inside the thought process of how the trees rose from the ground, how mud and earth mashed together to make man etc. But my tutor pointed out that that would be a great feat to do in just 1000 words. I wouldn’t be able to get into the detail and depth of such an event and therefore she taught me to focus on the small things, and seeing beauty in them can lead to a great piece of writing - if you see beauty in what others cannot.

I ended up writing 1000 words about an evening at my local pub.

Makes us try and do something different every day

By attempting the schedule to write about such a groundhog day event it helps Jack and I to try and do one thing different everyday - or at least that is the plan. Leading on from my previous point - it doesn’t have to be skydiving or some great act - but something different. So at least in this lockdown we won’t get total cabin fever.

I love the gift of writing, and I encourage that if you do too, you should keep a journal for events like this - as a way to look back on this bizarre time in the future. The pandemic of COVID-19 is a horrible experience for so many people, but there is always beauty to be found in dark times.

You could write about the memes.

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