Lockdown Diary - Day One

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

It’s officially day one of UK "lockdown" - although the government would never want to call it that.

Jack is slowly losing his mind and so we rearranged the living room furniture in our 2 bed flat this lunch time.

After successfully moving the tv to the only spot in the flat it doesn’t receive signal, i decided to actually have some lunch at 2:30pm. A Tesco roast chicken, bacon and stuffing sandwich that I bought yesterday - to be precise. I remember what freedom was like, to go to and from Tescos Express as often as you liked. Now we are stuck to the confinements of our 4, small, slightly mouldy walls. At least the feng shui is better!

Jack points out how he can now watch the tv with my back to it in peace, as I do my best to block it out and work like a normal day.

What normal days look like now, I couldn’t tell you. But now lockdown has officially begun, it is only a matter of time before a pattern takes place. Most likely of; bed to desk, desk to sofa, sofa to bed and repeat.

What an exciting time of life.

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