Lockdown 3.0: Week Two

We're on the approach to mid-January and a lot of people are wanting a refund for their 7-day free-trial of 2021. Whilst America may continue to fall apart, the UK seems to be looking rather a lot like January in the UK: grey, damp and cold. To be honest I'd take a soggy Jan over a civil war any day.

Whilst the temperature remains below "suitable for leaving the house", I have cracked down on a new indoor hobby: knitting. I believe my last attempt at the craft was as a child, where I ventured into making the classic first-knitting-attempt-scarf. By choosing a very thick wool I therefore had enormous novelty sized needles, which then led me to do about 100 stitches wide, to create a very tall "scarf". Paired with the traditional "giving up because knitting is boring for a 14-year-old", and you have the perfect giant woven swatch, too short to be a scarf, too tall to be anything else. Let's just say I tried.

Alas, this time I was gifted an "easy" knitting set for Christmas and made it my goal to not totally muck it up. This pattern was for a set of fingerless gloves; seemed simple enough. However, my cockiness soon left after I failed to complete section one. After a quick FaceTime with the person I can only assume to be a knitting wizard (my mother), I was steered right and successfully completed the "rib stitch". At that point I thought I would quit whilst I was ahead, and pick it up when I gain some more confidence.

With the new David Attenborough on, myself knitting and my husband doing his continuously complicated cross-stitch, it would seem we've skipped the middle four decades of life and jumped straight into retirement.

In a surprising turn of events I went outside over the weekend (picture below for proof). We joined our friends for a socially-distanced walk at our local Woodland Trust site; Heartwood Forest. While I did my best to look effortlessly wintery-chic, no amount of fashion is worth the cold I experienced that day.

It was my first time going to Heartwood Forest and was pleasantly surprised at how well the woodlands are kept. There's a great deal of newly planted trees, which in about 40 years will be lovely, but for now look a little.. thin. However there was plenty of variety from field to forest, puddle to pond, path to mud. With the climax of the walk consisting of meeting a lot of dogs.

The final excitement for this week was the weekly trip to the supermarket. Mine and Jack's choice is Aldi as it provides all the food we need at reasonable prices and a middle isle of nonsense bins that creates a level of unexpected excitement we really need in our third lockdown. This adventure consisted of rummaging through last seasons Christmas items now on sale and the selection of "New Year New Me" themed products. There seems to be less home gym equipment this year which seems a little pre-empt for only January 14th, but maybe they predicted that thanks to 2020, we would've given up before we even started.

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