Lockdown 3.0: Week Four

Into week four of the year and of lockdown three, only now has it occurred to me, I do not know when this lockdown is meant to end? Is it a January lockdown? Until half term? Or more likely: until further notice. Either way, one month in and it feels like a lifetime has past. For the first time in 2021 I feel a little fed up and useless. I think the main cause of that is wanting to buy a new candle but all of the shops are closed! Maybe the Sainsbury's home section will spark my interest next outing. Speaking of supermarkets...

Last week Jack and I had got to the point of "I can't bare you see your face anymore but we are stuck in the same flat until further notice", so I thought I'd do the weekly food shop - alone. As I have mentioned before ALDI is our chosen supermarket, and specifically one of the bigger stores in Hemel Hempstead. I had a much needed jam session in my little Fiesta with Billie Eilish on full blast as I cruise down the country roads. But once I pulled up to the supermarket giant I realised a crucial error - no pound coin to free a trolley. I have a pound token on my keys, but alas I did not have my keys, I had Jacks for the access to the car. I do not have my purse because Apple Pay is my chosen form of transaction and there is not a single coin in the car. I think asking a kind stranger would be the best solution but oh wait, we're in a global pandemic and taking a strangers pound would be incredibly irresponsible, cash is no longer even accepted in most shops! What to do. With list in hand I decided to attempt the weeks worth of food shop with just a basket. I venture down the first isle and by the second, the blue plastic basket is beginning to weigh me down. I think of myself as a strong gal but come on, milk, apples and tins? I am only human. I decide to check out once the basket is full of just half the listed groceries and do the shop in two batches. I go to check out when I realise mistake number two: I've left all the bags in the car. Jack and I would follow the guidelines and let the food be thrown back into the trolley by the ALDI cashier as to not interrupt their flow, but with a basket - I am unaware of the social convention. Do I put it all in the basket and take it to the car? or try and carry it all in my tiny woman arms? I chose the former, which led to me discovering if you try to take an ALDI basket out of the store, the alarms do go off, and everyone stops to look at why a 25-year-old is trying to steal a blue plastic ALDI shopping basket. Unhappy with the attention I received I briskly walk to the car and unload the food into the bags-fo-life in the boot. But now, now I have to go back into the shop where all customers and employees just saw a woman stealing a basket, to return and do a second round of shopping! I was pink in the face and not from the weight of the food. The second time round I didn't make the same silly mistake, just a slightly different one in that I remembered a bag, but one that was too small, so I still left carrying my bread and toilet roll in-hand. I didn't listen to Billie Eilish in the car on the way home.

This week the exciting addition to our routine was making sushi. Sushi and Japanese food is some of my favourite in the world and since I haven't been able to go to Wasabi for my usual sushi fix, we made some ourselves. We have both tried to before, but previously (in the last lockdown) every shop seemed to be out of sushi rice, so we used microwavable sticky rice which in my opinion is blasphemy. However this time we were able to buy traditional sushi rice. Although the process of washing and cooking and cooling can be strenuous, for the ability to have cheap sushi at home whenever you like is totally worth it.

The only other news to report on this week is that a friend of mine has started her very own brownie postal service, where you can order the countries best brownies right to your door. These are also the exact brownies we used instead of a wedding cake (thanks Hannah) because man alive they're good! Having helped build her a website, she is almost ready to set up shop, so I would go follow Purbaked Blessings on Facebook and Instagram to know when you can get your hands on some. After all, its nearly February - that new year's resolution was never going to last long!

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