Let's Talk About Hope

So after two months of lockdown with no news of it ending, we have finally been blessed with Boris' Roadmap to freedom. Although past experience has taught us to not take the dates the government gives too seriously, the country seems to be writing 21st June in their calendars as the first day of the rest of their lives. The memes are being churned out, bank holiday petitions have been signed and BooHoo even has a section on their website for outfits to wear on 21st June. The country, although very much still indoors, seems to have a buzz, a hopeful buzz, much like the summer of 2018, when we all thought the Football World Cup was coming home.

Hope can do impressive things to people, especially those who feel as though they have lost everything; connection with friends, jobs, even loved ones, but for the first time I think the majority of us can believe in the hope that is on the horizon.

Jack and I often have a difference of opinion when it comes to this type of thing, Jack taking the optimist route, and myself taking the realistic one (never pessimistic). Jack often dreams of when we can go on holiday next, to sit on a beach in Greece, our feet buried in warm sand with a cocktail (or two). Whereas I look forward to the day I can just see my friends in one room again, and my family, predicting that that would be a more obtainable goal for 2021. Optimism, I think, can be dangerous, to recklessly dream of travelling to far off countries again, parties and no masks, this will undoubtedly end in disappointment. However the realistic approach is hoping I can just enjoy a cold beer one day and maybe have a holiday in Wales or Dorset. Realism has helped me see less disappointment over the last couple years, especially when the restrictions are controlled by Boris.

But both Jack and I come to an agreement on hope. Neither of us can deny the excitement and prospect of life the other side of this pandemic. One must remember this is still a marathon we are running, endurance and stamina are key, but to just be able to see the finish line in the distance is enough to push us through to the end.

Over 300,000 signatures have been added to the petition to make 21st June a bank holiday. Whilst I support the idea of a one off Bank Holiday, I think it should be annual, for the many more years to come. Like remembrance day, Easter and VE day, we remember those who have lost their lives to better the future, to remember the doctors and nurses who came out of retirement and back onto the front line, clapping on Thursday nights for those working constantly to help others, in hospitals, or stuck at home shielding needing food and medicine, the ridiculous number of volunteers involved in the vaccination process, people who have lost their jobs and to remember the people who lost their loved ones to this horrible disease. There should be a day to teach our children of the future what a bloody nightmare this was, and how despite everything, we pulled through and saw the other side of it.

Here is the link if you also want to sign the petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/555205

And if you need help understanding Boris' roadmap take a look here:


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