Enchanting Animations

Many people tend to turn their nose up at a film when they see that it’s animation, let alone Disney. They think maybe it’s meant for kids and won’t be as “good” because the demographic is younger. There might be some truth in this, and I can honestly say I never enjoyed either animated versions of the Titanic.


I am a big believer in that whatever you put into life, that’s what you get out. Whether it’s work, school, your relationships, friendships, if you put more effort in: you get more out of it. And this applies to movies too.

I’m one of those very annoying people that likes to watch the same 8 films over and over again. There are several reasons I do this: I clearly enjoy those movies lots so why wouldn’t I watch them more than once, I find comfort in knowing the film so well that I know where all the jumpy or scary bits are so I’m ready for them (if it has any) and if need to pop out and make a cup of tea I’m not paranoid I’m going to miss a good bit - I know it too well.

But the number 1 reason is when I watch a new film, I dedicate ALL of my energy to it. I have to concentrate on it. No tea breaks or checking my phone, I am 100% have to be invested in the film to make sure I don’t miss anything. And some films go on for hours! Concentrating that long is a lot of work!

So - I apply that logic, concentrating and dedicating my time to a new film, to Disney too. Lots of people watch Disney movies with one eye on the screen because “they’re all the same story” and that’s sometimes true but if you actually watch the film, you might get more out of it than you might think.

A classic example of this is the film Enchanted. Yes, another Disney “boy meets girl musical”. To give Enchanted credit, it takes the stereotype of Disney and used it to an extreme advantage but there are SO many Easter eggs in that film and beautiful loose end tying satisfaction! But you have to listen carefully to the whole film to get that satisfaction in the end or you get a very shallow take away from what you think is a shallow film - but it’s so much more than that!

If you know Enchanted well, you probably know what I’m talking about, and for me, it’s my favourite part of the film - and if I wasn’t paying attention I would miss it!

So, like a book, don’t judge a *DVD* by its cover. You might be surprised at what a “kid’s” film can teach you.

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