Lockdown Diary - Day Two

Beginning the day with both Jack and I working in our dressing gowns. Whilst being “productive” and in pyjamas seems like a quarantine juxtaposition, here we are. Mentally we’re slowly subconsciously slipping into cabin fever, but until we’re both bouncing off the walls, I’m refusing to leave.

Last night our wifi imploded and we were left to our 4G devices. Hot-spotting seemed like a Godsend at this moment however horror struck when our hotspots won’t connect to the computers. Alas! The download of Sims 4 has to wait!

The dark patches of wifi, as small as they might have been, gave us a glimpse into the absolute worst-case scenario. Life without wifi is truly dark, light will forever leave our world if that black box stops blinking.

At lunch Jack spoke to a friend who is currently stuck on the West Coast of the States. He is attempting to return home in the coming days, after a layover in New York. As expensive and difficult as it may be for him to get home, I envy the large airport hanger spaces filled with absolutely no other form of life, the spotless floors and sparkling windows with sunlight pouring in.

Maybe I’ll book a holiday for 2021.

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