A Valentine's Day Post

Since it's Valentine's Day and I didn't have time for a blog post this week, here's a post I wrote before our wedding telling the story of how Jack and I met. If you don't know it already, it's a great read and I have loved our marriage so much since - even with a global pandemic.

When and How we met:

The “story” of me and Jack actually starts with his sister Hope. If you don’t know Hope, she is one of the most fun, energetic and kind people I have ever known. She and I became friends on day one of our year at college and have been inseparable ever since. Because I became so close to Hope whilst at college I ended up driving her home after class most days of the week, which lead to a lot of dinners around her parents house as well as several sleepovers during the week.

I met Jack for the first time in January 2015. I was actually dating someone else and saw Jack in a purely platonic, “Hope’s Big Brother”, kind of way. Even though Jack did not live at home anymore he lived and worked locally. So one day when I was there after college, I walked into the living room to find Jack wearing a grey suit, lying on the floor with the family cat Tracker balancing on his chest.

As the weeks of college passed, Hope and I continued our beautiful friendship, Jack popped up a lot more often. Occasionally Jack would come round to his parents house on the weekend and Hope and I would grill him for the terrible date he had been on that week. I remember one day the two of us being surprisingly competitive at the home workout DVD Insanity. Needless to say we quickly became quite good friends.

Towards the final term of college my mental health was starting to get the better of me and the final straw was my boyfriend dumping me in the April of 2015. With my final major project at college looming, my depression was tearing into me everyday and my motivation was at an all time low. Being such a good friend, Hope invited me to come with her to church that weekend to try and lift my spirits and provide some form of comfort. The people I met at her church were really lovely and having not left the house for several days, to then be surrounded by these emphatically happy people might have been what I needed. I then started coming to church more often to try and decipher the root to their happiness, that I was clearly lacking, and throughout this period Jack was there right along side me, constantly making me laugh.

In May 2015, Hope invited me to a Christian festival called Big Church Day Out, with Jack and his friend Luke too. The four of us arrived the Friday night and ended up sleeping under the stars on the hill near camp - such hipster rebels. On the Saturday night of the festival I gave my life to Jesus and fully committed to living by His way and doing my best to live by the gospel (if you want to read more of my Testimony you can find it here). That night, after a lot of dancing and celebrations, Jack and I talked under the stars for several hours as both Hope and Luke nodded off. That night, Jack admitted he liked me a lot and I had to admit that I liked him too.

After that weekend we were given a lot of advice from Jack’s family (mainly Hope) to take things slow considering my newly found faith. But then we said screw it and started dating straight away!

Although Jack and I have been together for almost 6 years (what?!) we have had our fair share of disagreements, arguments and even a breakup. But we continued to love and care for each other which ultimately lead us to growing closer. We are by no means perfect, but thanks to us both being fairly down-to-earth, knowing Jesus and realising when we’re being an idiot or wrong in an argument, we're doing pretty great. We make an awesome team, especially when building flatpack furniture and going on road trips, but we’re also best friends and the coolest couple I know.

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