I Love Makeup

I wear a full face of makeup almost every single day. And not because I'm trying to impress anyone or live up to society's standards. Lots of people I know feel they need to wear makeup to feel accepted which makes me feel really sad. On the other hand, some of my friends wear absolutely no makeup everyday and feel just as good.

I wear makeup because it makes me feel confident. Leaving the house with concealed skin and winged eyeliner, I feel much more sure of myself and feel as though I am prepared to take on anything the world throws at me. Every morning I put on a face ready for battle, like war paint, I leave feeling armed and primed for the day to come, whatever that may be.

I wear makeup because I think it's fun. Like changing outfits or dying my hair, I think it's fun to experiment with makeup products and colours. The variety of colours that can match outfits and change each season. You can look summery with subtle eyeshadow and pink blush cheeks and dark and bold for a night out with a smokey eye and a dark lip - the possibilities are endless!

I wear makeup because I'm good at it. Although I'm definitely not a professional in ANY way, I have been doing my own makeup for about 8 years now. I try and keep up with the latest trends and new brands but there is no way I have the money to buy any of it. All of my makeup comes from drugstores and I do the best with what I have and I think I do a pretty good job of not looking like a clown.

I wear makeup for me time. As someone that doesn't spend any time or money on anything else in my appearance or "self-care" I find it really important to have 20 minutes at the start of every day with just myself doing my makeup in the mirror. I get to have a little time to just focus on me and make myself beautiful and in the busy world we live in, I think that's really important.

Let me know if you'd be interested in my "Daily Makeup Routine" and maybe i'll post about it one day! This post is purely my own opinions and thoughts and feelings towards makeup, obviously you do you!

But I'm not alone when it comes to just wanting to wear makeup for fun - let me know!

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