Our Engagement: Story

If you follow me on any social media (if you don't, why not?!) you will know that last Friday I got engaged to my boyfriend Jack. It was an absolute shock to me, and I still don't quite believe it's happened, but I couldn't be happier.

So here is the story of our engagement:

My dad's side of the family are Welsh and so it's not uncommon to go to the rugby in Cardiff for a game or two each winter. Last weekend was just another rugby-game weekend. We would journey down to our holiday home in Pembrokeshire on the Thursday night, have the Friday there to visit family/go walking, and then leave again on Saturday for Cardiff - normal. So, Friday morning we all get up and because its such a BEAUTIFUL day outside, we just "decide" to climb a mountain - Foel Eryr. My opinion to climb a different mountain is completely shot down by my dad, now I know why, so we all get our boots on and head to the mountain.

After parking, we all pile out the car and I notice my dad has a backpack (strange, since it's not very long) but nevertheless we begin walking. Jack and I are walking on our own and I'm telling him about how much Wales means to me and how I used to come here as a kid for family holidays - how touching - whilst my sister, dad and cousin are all walking behind us (probably sniggering).

We reach the triangulation point and Jack tells me to turn around so he can get a picture of me looking out at the, absolutely stunning, view. I notice my sister is standing further back, on the rocks "taking a picture of the view" too. I turn to gaze out in the sunshine when Jack asks me to turn back round again and he's on one knee, holding a ring! I instantly collapse to the floor in shock, constantly saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh oh my gosh" - so much that Jack had to actually tell me to stand up again. I finally come to my feet as he asks me if I would marry him, to which of course my answer is yes!

We then embrace and before I know it my dad, sister and cousin are all surrounding us saying congratulations, and my dad pulls a bottle of Champagne from the mysterious backpack - and 5 glasses! I'm shaking like a leaf at what the hell just happened and we cheers at the top of the mountain, before calling my mum to tell her the good news.

The rest of the day consisted of me not knowing what is happening, and a lovely walk around the town my grandparents used to live in. Before later that evening telling the world.

Jack and I have been together now for 3 and a half years. We have been on many holidays together, gone on hundreds of road-trips, countless dates and just one "breakup" (which didn't last very long). We have been talking about marriage for a little while now and as a Christian couple we both knew it was the next step in our relationship, even so, his proposal was a complete and utter shock to me! But it was the most amazing and beautiful day of my life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Yay us!

Also thank you to my family for not letting the secret slip! Especially you Giles - good job!

Look how cold my hand is here ^ lol

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