Why I Don't Celebrate Halloween: Story

As some of you know I am a Christian and with that comes the annual argument of Halloween. While as a kid I was brought up in the home taught that "trick or treating" was American therefore not allowed to do it but as I got older I had to decide whether I was going to celebrate Halloween at all. Although there was a point that I did "celebrate" Halloween now days, I have chosen to not partake in the celebration of Halloween for 4 reasons:

1. Christianity

The origin of Halloween is actually kind of dark and this is probably the main reason why I don't celebrate. Originally it was a Pagan holiday and legend has it that the devil wanted to ruin Saint's Day (the day after Halloween) and send out evil spirits the night before to scare people. So people started dressing up like the devil so when the bad spirits came by they would see people that look scary and trick the devil in thinking the bad spirits were already at that house/place. It all seems like a silly tradition to keep going but essentially the idea of dressing like the devil isn't something I personally want to take part in.

2. Scary Stuff

One thing that I'm terrible at is watching scary movies. I don't understand how people can sit in a dark room and watch a scary movie and not go to bed with nightmares for a week! I get the idea of adrenaline and having that same kick but it's not the same as a roller coaster! Your imagination runs wild and it's terrifying. And it's not just a little dragon ride at LEGO Land, the climax or jump scare is someone about to murder you?! Who would want that?!

3. Corporate Gain

Similar to Valentine's Day, Halloween just feels like its been completely exaggerated for shops to get as much money out of you as possible. Where back in the day it was just seasonal costumes, now places like Poundland are stocked high with face paints, decorations, carving kits, games, stationery - all vaguely Halloweeny. It seems like they're reaching a bit. And above all its all really wasteful; you put it up for a day and then throw it away because who keeps Halloween decorations?

4. Children

Finally, at the end of the day, my thoughts are that the main aspects of this "holiday" is that it's for children. Trick or Treating isn't something I would want to do, purely because I would hate to be bothered late one evening by some stranger expecting me to give them free sweets. As an adult I love dressing up, but I can do that any day of the year, and throw a party any day of the year - you never need an excuse to have a drink with some friends!

But having said that I did "celebrate" Halloween last year so here's a quick story from that night in 2017:

Last year I was at university, living with 4 other girls and we all decided to actually get out of the house and do something for Halloween - rather than just stay in watching scary movies (which I hate). So, we thought we'd go out and it just so happened that the world famous S Club 7 was performing on the weekend before Halloween at our "local" club - by local I mean the next town. So we all decided to get dressed up and go. I love dressing up and I was pretty sure it was going to be my last year celebrating Halloween so I didn't hold back at all and obviously went dressed as a bunny. In full Regina George style.

Obviously arriving waaaay too early in the night for the clubbing scene we obviously decided to do the responsible thing and get absolutely wasted to make the next 5 hours of attempting to dance in stilettos slightly, wearing nothing but a leotard, more bearable. Our only goal of the night was to see S Club and be right at the front of the crowd however, right before they were coming on one of my friends needed the toilet. We stumbled through the crowd to only be met by a giant line of girls waiting to use the loos. We could hear the audience becoming more rowdy as S Club were about to appear. I double check with my friend that she absolutely needs to go right now and she does, so we continue to wait. This is when I notice that the line for the men's toilets is a lot shorter, in fact, non-existent. So my drunken brain thought that this was the obvious solution to making it back in time to see the start of S Club. My friend and I make our way to the boys toilet to then only be met by a man! Shock! He starts shouting at us and continues chanting at the top of his voice to then be joined by a mob of other boys that were standing outside. We quickly dive into one of the stalls only to then realise the lock was broken. Now about 10 guys were pressing against the stall door knocking and banging, telling us to get out. I hold the door as best I can pressing my high heels against the wall and yell for my friend to pee for her life. After she finished we dart out under the fists of the angry mob that had now formed in the men's bathroom and we found the others at the very front of where S Club had just began the first song.

The rest of the night continued in drinks and blurry images and I seem to remember making friends at the train station home, but all in all it was a memorable night.

All in all, I know some people might not agree with how I feel about Halloween, but I personally think it does more bad than good, so I won't be joining in this year. Instead I'll be going to my local church to go to a Light Party - which sounds like way more fun!

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