Why I Love Audible

This is purely just an appreciation post for Audible.com. If you, for some reason do not know what Audible is, it's a audio book site, connected to Amazon that has hundreds of thousands of books to listen to. Audible is quite well known for sponsoring big YouTubers however they haven't sponsored me and therefore I can be as non-biased as possible!

But nevertheless I personally do think it's great and here's why:

1. Dyslexia

As many or some of you may know I have dyslexia and while I may be completely capable at writing and my handwriting isn't even all that bad, but I struggle with reading. I always have, it's just that I was only "formally diagnosed" a couple years ago. This obviously causes some difficulty when doing a degree in Media and Creative Writing! I tend to have very long reading lists and Audible changed my life! While Audible doesn't have every book in the world, it did help me tick off a lot more of my reading list than if I had done it alone. If you have dyslexia or hate reading and have required reading for class I highly recommend Audible because it saved my butt so many times.

2. Entertainment

Now days, I don't have a TV really in my life, the closest I have is a screen that I have a DVD player hooked up to (to watch Bob Ross obviously) and Apple TV to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime. Which means I never ever watch live TV any more. But you know what is just as entertaining? Listening to audio books! I know that sound really corny but for real they are usually read by really talented actors that pull you into the story - no matter what it is. And beyond that, if you find someone reading an audio book with a lovely voice it can even be better than Bob Ross! (sometimes).

3. Driving

Following on from that they're great to listen to in the car. I tend to drive from my uni house to my parents house about once a week or once a fortnight and to help pass the time quicker I listen to audible. It really does feel like time moves faster because in a couple hours you can get through a few chapters of a book - which feels like much more of an accomplishment.

4. Price

The only thing that isn't the best is that the price can be a bit much for some books which is super annoying when its required reading but most of the time, especially if its an older book it can normally be about £3. But if you love reading like I do then a £8 subscription isn't too bad and you get 1 free credit a month that build up rather than just cancel out. I have a bad habit of forgetting about it and then logging in to 4 free books!

So, for me Audible is the best and although I knew I had dyslexia for many years I never considered audio books until they started advertising through YouTubers and honestly it gave me back my love of reading. Thanks Audible!

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