Top 3 Cities You Need to Visit

I have been lucky enough to visit several different European cities in the last couple of years. I have been to lots of different countries in my life so far, all over the world, mainly on holiday and one day I will do a blog post about them all. But for today its just about my top 3 cities that you need to visit if you haven't already.


I went to Stockholm just before Christmas last year with my parents and sister. It was quite a spontaneous trip and we went to get ourselves in the Christmas spirit before coming back to not-so-snowy England. One of the best things about when I went to Stockholm was the Christmas markets! This was the whole inspiration of going and it was totally worth it! We probably went to about 3 different markets around the city itself and every one was amazing. The cute trinkets and traditional ornaments you could buy were lovely as well as there being incredible food and mulled wine everywhere. My favourite market we went to was at Skansen because as well as all the pretty light, food and drink, there were was a zoo! Complete with Reindeer! I lost my mind over how cute and Christmassy they were - so fluffy. Although it was freezing cold the entire time and I was totally unprepared for just how cold it would be (don't worry I bought some woollen socks to keep me warm - great gift idea!), it was amazing.


Another brilliant city I go to fairly frequently is Cardiff. The reason why I tend to go there is for when my dad has bought tickets to the rugby (thanks Giles!) because we are a half Welsh family too, and to be in a city like Cardiff on match day - there's nothing like it. The buzz from the massive crowds is amazing and so much fun with the singing, face paints and music playing in every street. However, even if your'e not there on match day, or that's not really your thing, Cardiff is still a great city. I personally think its really nice to go and do Christmas shopping because the main centre is so big with really nice shops but the best thing about Cardiff is that you don't really need to drive around - or get public transport. Everything is so close together that you can just pottle around and it's a really beautiful city, with little alley ways, Cardiff bay and pubs everywhere.


My third and by far favourite city in the world is Amsterdam. I have been twice before and plan to go again in 2019 because it is just gorgeous! With all the canals and small boutique shops its another really lovely city to walk around. But you don't even have to walk if you don't want to! Because everyone hires bikes instead! - which is such a great way to see the city for very little money, as well as it being such fun because the roads are so bike-friendly. There is so much to do in Amsterdam, I highly recommend the Anne Frank museum as a highlight but any of the art galleries is also high up on the list (especially the Van Gogh one!) The nightlife there is also one of the best nights out I've ever had. All the pubs, clubs and bars seem to all be so close to each other on the main square so moving from one to another is really easy and fun. Everyone seemed so lovely and at some point I'll do a blog post about the night me and my friends went to the club Bubbles! But as a whole, Amsterdam is the place to go!

I hope this is helpful to anyone thinking of possibly planning a city break and feel free to message me about any of the places I went to visit - I'll happily give recommendations of places to stay for any of them!

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