4 Tattoos I Want

I know that tattoos can sometimes be a controversial topic but I personally love them! I already have 5 and maybe one day I'll do a post about them and they're meaning etc. but for today here are 4 tattoos I want next:

1. A Whale

This is probably the tattoo I've wanted for the longest amount of time. I haven't decided exactly what size/shape whale I want but I know I want a humpback whale on the inside of my left arm, at the bottom of my bicep. I would love to have a whale because they're my favourite animal in the world; they're this gentle-giant-type of mammal that, I think, are so majestic and mysterious. They are so big and beautiful I love them so much and want to be friends with all the whales. But I don't like orcas/killer whales - this isn't Free Willy.

2. Wild flowers

My next tattoo I would love to have is a small collection of wild flowers. This I would like on my right forearm about 2/3 inches tall. The wild flowers would be designed by me because I want to pick (get it) the flowers my self and have them all represent different parts of my life. For example, I am Welsh and to have specifically Welsh wild flowers would be really nice. They would be a really minimal style and have a simple string bow holding the bunch together on my arm to represent the beauty of being a bit wild - just like me!

3. Geometric Mermaid

One of the tattoos I already have is on my ankle and its a geometric Unicorn (called Rhombus). He is a really simple lined unicorn with no colour that sits just next to the heel of my foot. The third tattoo I want is a mirror of Rhombus, on my other ankle of the same sort of style - geometric - mermaid. I have always loved mermaids and The Little Mermaid is my favourite film. Fun Fact: I also actually dye my hair red because as well as it being a nice colour (that hopefully suits me) it also makes me feel like Ariel, because I'm a mermaid.

4. Cactus

My friend Asher and I have always talked about getting a matching tattoo (always being the 2 years we've been friends at uni). We both agreed that getting a cheesy moon and sun wasn't very "us" so we started thinking and settled on the idea of getting a tiny cartoon cactus on the side of our middle finger. This way we could get slightly different shaped cacti but still the same style so they match in their own way - like us! It would also be a good reminder of what a prick she can be.

I'll let you guys know if/when I get any of the above tattoos but that's all for now - will have to start saving some money for them! Also go check out Asher's blog at http://www.comeandreadwithme.co.uk/

That's all for now!

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