The Little Things in Life

There are some days that I sit back with a cup of tea (or more likely a glass of wine) and think of all the things in my life I appreciate. Whilst I obviously love my family, my friends and my boyfriend, this is a list of all the smaller, not-so-appreciated things in my life - enjoy!

A Glass of Wine:

One of my favourite things in adulthood is the enjoyment of wine. And I'm not talking about binge drinking or even drinking bottles and bottles of the stuff but to have a glass of wine after a long day at Uni really allows me to relax. I get weirdly excited about wine too; how it pairs itself with food and accompanies things, the different types of wine (I hate white wine - ew), and the fact that its grown and produced all over the world! I can walk into my local Tesco and pick up a £6.69 bottle of Rose from California, a £8 bottle of Merlot from Chile!

Another thing beautiful about wine is how it brings people together. Whether its with my boyfriend over a home-cooked meal or with a big group celebrating at the pub, to split a bottle of wine with someone, in my opinion, is true friendship and the peak of adulthood.

Toby the Hamster:

2 Years ago, at Uni, I bought a pet dwarf hamster and named him Toby and he is the most adorable animal in the world. Originally I wasn't going to put him in my new flat however because I wasn't sure if I was allowed pets but I've brought him to live with me for 3rd year anyway (hope my landlord doesn't read this). And I am so glad I brought my little fury friend to live with me because I forgot how nice it is to have the responsibility of mothering a pet - even just a little one! It feels like I have someone (or something) to come home to each day and I get to let him run around my new flat. I believe in the same principles as Queen of YouTube Jenna Marbles, that if you can, you should have a pet to help build on your responsibility and care. But obviously don't get a pet you can't handle - if a cactus is the only "pet" you can cope with right now then mother that thing to death!

Heinz Tomato Soup:

I only got into soup a few years ago but man - it's so good! In England we tend to get cold weather all the bloody time so to have a few tins of soup stored in the cupboard for those wet and windy days is great. Its cheap, easy to cook and is the most heart-warming food anyone could have. Especially as a student I strongly suggest buying tins of soup for those days your'e cooped up inside, away from the cold, to fulfil that home comfort. And of course - it has to be Heinz!

Bottled Evian Water:

My biggest guilty pleasure is Evian water. It's such a bad habit but if I have any spare change or am just in desperate need of spoiling myself I'll buy a bottle of Evian. I have no idea why I like it so much and my dad will hate me because it's so bad for the environment but that first sip is SO GOOD. Following on from that, I hate spring water, I think it tastes like soap.

Snow globes:

Finally, I think snow globes are the coolest thing in the world. My love for them stemmed from the film The Santa Claus where he gives the kid a snow globe to shake when he missed his dad and to me, that was the coolest thing in the world. I have two snow globes, both gifts from my boyfriend, one from Mont Blanc and the other with a Polar bear inside named Charlie. I think it's just the slow moving "snow" inside that's super hypnotising to watch and how it reminds me of a childhood - all I want is to fill my shelf with more!

Reading back it's a really random list of things I love but hey, that's me! Let me know what you appreciate in the comments bellow.

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