How To Get Organised For University

Welcome to my blog! As the new school year has just dawned on us I thought my first blog post should be about how I get myself organised at University and in life generally. I am the type of person to forget every 30 seconds what I was meant to be doing so was really important for me to find a way to keep on track with all my assignments and events, especially now I'm starting my 3rd and final year of my degree.

The most important rule of getting your life organised is; make sure you like the look of it, everything you use. If you think your stationary is pretty and cute it will encourage you to become organised because you will want to use it more. Each academic new year I buy all new stationary that I think looks nice so that I want to write/draw in it. You might even be surprised at how some of the more affordable shops are now also doing really nice stationary - eg. Poundland, Morrisons and even IKEA.

Another good tip is to have purpose built books/stationary. Every notebook I own is lined because I write wonky on blank paper and some even have a "Subject" heading and "Date" section.

Here are my 4 main tips and techniques that I use every single day to keep myself on track!


The best technique I use to keep myself in line is to use lists. I am constantly writing lists of everything - not just shopping lists! Every morning I write (or re-write) a To Do list of what I need to do for that week. Usually it starts as really vague but as time goes on I get more specific with what I need "To Do". This is super helpful for University because you can break down every essay into "To Do" sections and have a satisfying cross off or tick when you've completed it. One of the main reasons I use lists is to visualise what I have to do that day/week and usually see that it isn't as much as I had thought - to put things into perspective is a huge help!


Following on from lists, I use notebooks constantly. Each book has a different purpose and usually I have an entire notebook dedicated purely to the writing and re-writing of To Do lists. Each of my course units has its own notebook so there is no complication between what I'm working on - especially if its several essays at once.


I also have a diary that I do my best to take everywhere with me. It needs to be small enough to fit into every handbag I have and in a layout that works for me. I tend to use diaries that have half a page dedicated to each day so I have plenty of space to write appointments etc. but not too much I can't fill it - the perfect balance.


Finally, to have a main calendar in the space you work is also really helpful. I use mine to mainly write deadlines and birthdays in but it helps hugely when planning future events. It needs to be hung in a space that you see everyday to act as a reminder. I love colour co-ordinating my life so I have 4 Sharpies that live next to my calendar that each have their own purpose: green for fun not work events, blue for appointments, black for birthdays/holidays and scary red for University deadlines.

Obviously I am not always so amazing at keeping to all of these techniques but I try and they have helped me so many times especially whilst at University so feel free to give any of them a try!

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