When God closes a door, he opens a window


I once believed life was full of hope and wonder, 

Yet as I grow older that hope started to fade away. 

As a child this scared me, it gave me sleepless nights. 


It scares me as an adult, 

The fear of death waiting around every corner, 

Hoping you’ll make that faithful slip-up. 

The unpredictability and inevitability is unbearable. 


To give up now would solve everything, 

The sweet release of the clock, 

The clock that never stops ticking. 

Always going, 

And just when you think it might stop, 

Another tick moves along. 

I could quit, end it all; 

Break, break the system. 


When God closes a door, he opens a window. 


I dug myself a pit I couldn't get out of, 

I was heavy all the time. 

Like a rock sunken into my bed, 

The rock made everything hard; 

To even lift a finger. 

It weighed down my stomach, my mind, my eyes. 


The truth about life is that;

Sure, God will close a door, lots of doors. 

But its up to you to get up, 

Find that window, 

And jump out. 


Therefore my message is this; 

Embrace every minute the life clock throws at you, 

Climb out the pit you dug yourself 

Be stronger than the rocks weighing you down, 


And when God opens that window; 


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