Growing up a girl

told you can’t play sports


Because you’re too small 

Too weak 

“You can’t throw the ball” 


My initiation to play?

I was a goal post

Day after day

Stand there flinching

Waiting for them to hit me


To show my own strength,

That I was tough,

Get knocked down

Blow after blow

Maybe then they’d pick me

I don’t remember the boys having to do this?

But I guess they were enough.


I didn’t have a generational

Billie Jean King, 

To inspire me, 

light a fire in me, 

Tell me “you can do it too”


20 years later,

Times have begun to change, 

What I didn’t have 20 years ago, 

You can be part of today. 


Bridging verse:


Because we choose to be the ones

To see the change

Be the change,

Make the changes needed.


To represent all the world

As they are

Side by side:

As equals.


Change their minds

Beat the odds

Raise the bar,

And lose the wage gap too.


We say it,

We’ll do it.

because We Are.


WE ARE verse: 



We are football, 

we are swimming, 

we are rugby and we are boxing, 

We are racing, 

we are hockey, 

we are netball and we are cycling

We are tennis, 

we are cricket,

we are diving and we are golf


We stay, 

we play 


And we support/we’re for women in sport.

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