The Everything


Everything Jesus created, he shows me, he gives me

With his power and strength, in him, I am free

I have what I need, in awe before him kneeling

Yet Sin enters me with temptation, I wanted that feeling



I look for comfort, love, someone I can depend on

With good looks and a rose that leads me on

For someone who would treasure me, I search in vain

My heart is broken, the shame, the pain



I turned my life to earthly possessions

In LA casinos I spend many sessions

Like a celeb, I am flash, have loads of cash

I have everything but deep inside, I feel like trash



My friends take me out, feels good lets have some fun

I’m encouraged to drink, it’s all I have, no need to run

Before I know, I'm out of control

Ignorance and compromise have taken their toll



Looking at others, I desire their look

With charisma and beauty, I'd live by the book

But style and class I do not posses

I'm ugly and plain; it makes no difference the way I dress



My world has collapsed, I feel worthless and alone

To darkness and death, I'm vulnerable and prone

Depression overtakes me, I lay crying on my bed

With a knife to my wrist and a gun to my head



A light overwhelming rises up in my room

Jesus Christ I had rejected defeats where darkness will loom

My Sin and my shame he fought, Saviour, Friend

Now life with God in heaven where life has no end.