A lifestyle, mental health and antics of a 25-year-old blog. Check out categories such as story times, mental health tips, wedding bits and DIY projects. 

Also take a look at my series about life during the UK lockdown. 

Have a read here. 

To read any of my publications for either freelance works or the company I used working for, click here to see every article I have currently written. 

Enjoy writings about current events, sports, social media and more. 


We're into Season 3 of our podcast. With remote working, Asher and I are posting a new episode every other week and we do our best to not just talk about the lockdown. Come along for a Coffee and a Cry with us!  


Check out some of the poetry I have written over the past few years. Most is free verse and about a variety of different topics, including my past struggles with depression. My collection [In]Visible uncovers the world of invisible illnesses and my experience writing with dyslexia.  


This page contains a collection of my works from animation to short stories. Ever since I was young I have been writing short stories and stream of consciousnesses. This page also contains my testimony from becoming a Christian as well as my animation Jump.

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